Home Buyer's Guide (Non-Malaysian)
Buyer's guide (NON MALAYSIAN)
Step By Step Guide To Buying Property (NON MALAYSIAN)


Fill up registration form.


Choose Lot.


Pay deposit of 10% of purchase price. (Purchaser and co-purchaser are required to apply for FIC by executing the FIC form & PTG form)


Sign Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) immediately after paying the above deposits. If you are buying the house jointly, your co-purchaser should also sign the SPA on the same date. If you sign the SPA with the Developer’s appointed solicitors, you will only pay the disbursement fees. Developer will pay the legal fees for the SPA.


N.B. Otherwise all legal fees will be for your account.


Upon receiving the stamped copy of the SPA, you may apply for the housing loan either from the Developer’s panel of en-financier i.e. AmBank or from any other financial institution.


Please inform the Developer the submission date of your loan application, amount applied and the name & address of the end-financier.


Please advise the Developer once your housing loan has been approved by the financial institution of your choice.


Any delay in informing the Developer may result in you having to pay the late internet charges at 10% per annum.


The selection of an end-financier and the making of a prompt application for a housing loan are the sole of responsibility of the purchaser. The naming of an end-financier on the Developer’s panel does not amount to a representation or recommendation by the Developer. Any delay in processing an application for housing loan or in releasing progress payments which result in liability to pay overdue interest to the Developer under the Sales & Purchase Agreement shall not be affected by the selection to ensure their end-financier make prompt release of loans.


After confirming your loan with end-financier, you are to sign the Letter For Offer for confirmation of acceptance by returning the duplicate copy to them.

You are required to liaise with your end-financier’s panel of solicitor for execution of Loan Agreement and to pay legal fees charged on the approved loan amount.


You are require to settle the difference between the purchase price and the approved loan amount to the Developer immediately.


N.B. Your end-financier will not release any payments unless differential sum is fully paid. You are to bear interest charges for amount outstanding. The house key will be given after your end-financier fully released the loan amount to MRSB.


You are required to pay a submission fee of RM 500 to Pejabat Tanah dan Galian Johor (PTG) after the application for Foreign Investment Committee (FIC) has been approved. Upon approval from PTG, you are also required to pay RM 10,000 to PENGARAH TANAH DAN GALIAN JOHOR as Administration Fee and RM 60 as filing fee/registration SPA.


Upon issuance of the individual title, you are required to stamp duty on transfer and disbursement fees to the same Solicitor who prepared the SPA, for the transfer of the individual title to your name and your co-purchaser, if any.


While the construction is in progress, you will receive copies of the progress billing addressed to your en-financier for payment. You may know the progress of your house by referring to this letter.


N.B. It is your responsibility to follow up with the end-financier or solicitor, so that payments will be released within the due date to avoid late payment charges.